HipRawk Nation, hosted by Kaja Brown, features an eclectic soundtrack of Alternative, Electronic, Dance, Neo Soul, and Rap music from around the world. In addition to the music, the show spotlights and connects progressive artists, activists and cultural leaders, as well as covers topics including politics, finance, health, and relationships.

Genre: Music, Electronic, Dance, Hip Hop/Rap, R&B, Neo Soul

Frequency: Weekly

Duration: 2 hours (two 58 min segments)

Air Window: Episodes released on Fridays by 9am ET

Delivery Method: Pacifica Audioport – Hour 1,

Pacifica Audioport – Hour 2, PRX and FTP

Show Clock: Coming Soon!

Show Website: https://hiprawk.com

Want to Carry or Sponsor HipRawk Nation? Contact Kaja Brown – kaja@listen2krdp.com or (602) 254-6636

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