KRDP Community Radio needs your support!

Donations from KRDP listeners are the largest source of our funding and makes it possible for us to bring you great local programs like Soul Star Live, The Althea Long Show, Full Moon Hacksaw, My World of Music, and Native Talk Arizona.

Your support also allows us to provide you with excellent national and international programs such as Democracy Now!, Civic Cipher, The Thom Hartmann Program, Native America Calling, Africalink, DW News, and many others!

Listener support is equally vital to sustaining and growing our youth media program, exposing young people to the power of public radio for the first time.

When making your gift, please consider becoming a Sustaining Monthly Donor. A monthly donation is the most effective way for you to support KRDP Community Radio, because it provides your financial donation in regular installments.

Please note that if you want to make a recurring monthly donation in an amount not listed on this page, or if you are a current sustaining donor and you want to make changes to your sustaining donation, please contact the KRDP Sustaining Donors Team at or by calling (602) 254-6636.



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