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Divergent Sounds Soul

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Soul Music Discovery

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KRDP's Soul music mix spotlighting Funk, Jazz, R&B, Soul, Neo-Soul and other eclectic and soulful music that doesn't fit nicely into a box, but is absolutely funky.

MON, TUE, THU and FRI at 3:30pm on KRDP JAZZ (90.7 FM).

TUESDAYS at 7pm on KRDP JAZZ (90.7 FM).

WEDNESDAYS at 8pm on KRDP JAZZ (90.7 FM).

SATURDAYS at 6am on KRDP JAZZ (90.7 FM).

SATURDAYS at 1pm on KRDP JAZZ (90.7 FM).

SUNDAYS at 9pm on KRDP JAZZ (90.7 FM).

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