Staff & Hosts

Kaja Brown is our General Manager and hosts HIPRAWK NATIONĀ®.

Calvin J Worthen is our Program Director and hosts BLUE FRIDAY.

Aqueelah Worthen is our Business Manager and co-hosts SOUL STAR LIVE.

A Tray Salaam hosts WE'RE ON POINT.

Alexis Sallee hosts INDIGEFI.

Althea Long hosts THE ALTHEA LONG SHOW.

Alvin Galloway hosts THE ALVIN GALLOWAY SHOW.

Amee Be co-hosts VEGANS VOTE.

Amon Rashidi co-hosts GRIOT NATION RADIO.

Amy Goodman co-hosts DEMOCRACY NOW!

Anthony Leiserowitz is host of CLIMATE CONNECTIONS.

Antonia Gonzales hosts NATIONAL NATIVE NEWS.

KRDP Jazz (90.7 FM)

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