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Power to the People

Hosted by C. Felton & Glenn Miller

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Tuesdays 4:00 pm 5:00 pm
Mon 4:00 pm 5:00 pm

Connecting Politics to Broader Culture

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A weekly radio show on politics with an emphasis on it's context in broader culture, including religion, history, the sciences and the arts. It is intended to be an exploration of people's core ideas and values as the foundation for their worldview and opinions. Hosted by C. Felton and Glenn Miller.

MONDAYS at 4pm on KRDP INDIE (Digital/Online).

TUESDAYS at 4pm on KRDP JAZZ (90.7 FM).

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Power to the People crew

C. Felton co-hosts POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

Glenn Miller co-hosts POWER TO THE PEOPLE.