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Born and raised in Detroit, Ken “DJ MyGodComPlex” Williams, co-host of BASEMENT TAPES, takes his musical influences from the soul of Motown the boom-bap of 80’s Hip-Hop, and the pulse of Techno.

DJ MyGodComPlex took to music at an early age, first collecting records, then managing a record store before becoming a professional DJ in 2003. MyGodComPlex moved to Phoenix in 2014 and joined the Basement Tapes crew.

MyGodComPlex is an avid collector of music and calls himself a “Superuser” based on how much new music he listens to yearly. He loves making lists and is often referred to as “the music snob” of the Basement Tapes crew. His stance musically can ruffle some feathers.

As his musical journey continues, MyGodComPlex takes pride in crafting a musical tapestry by blending various genres such as jazz, house, funk, and disco creating vibes to the delight of listeners across the Valley.